Pilates / Yoga

Pilates DVD 1

Copertina del DVD di Pilates

What is the PILATES?

It’s an activity that make work both the muscles and the articulations at the same time.

First name “CONTROLOGY

Quality more than Quantity

Harmony of Yoga

The stretching ’s sweetness

The dynamism and the coordination of the dance

Improve the body resistance

The daily life cause to our body a lots of problems, every day our back became more curve and we slowly lose our balance. Our routine life make us use always the same muscles.

The PILATES improve the fluidity movement’s, make strengthen the whole body. All this without create a excessive muscular mass.

It’s not only a body training, but also a meeting between body and mind.

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Pilates DVD 2

with the small ball and elastic band and more

Beginning to do PILATES is a everyday new discovery of muscles and articulations you even didn’t know about!

Remind always to start your lesson with calm and peace.

The 8 PILATES’s rules to keep your body perfect: Relax, concentration, coordination, balance, breath, fluently, imprint, strength

When your follow a specific program to improve you back health’s usually people does not give the right importance to the stretch exercises. In stead I believe those exercises have a main role in order to prepare the vertebral column to the lesson (so you will find it in the beginning of my DVD) and at the end, to relax the muscles and supply more oxygen.


Yoga is a physical and spiritual discipline originating 5000 years ago. Yoga aims to control and strengthen  the mind the self-realization. The different yoga practices embrace all states of life, working on emotional, physical, mental and spirutual aspects. Yoga methods involve physical poses, deep and controlled breathing and meditation. The sage in India Patanjali defines Yoga as the  ability to control the fluctuations of the mind-field.

Hatha Yoga includes Asana (physical poses in movement), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Dyana (meditation).