Maria Carbognin

Maria Carbognin. Professional qualifications and diploma in: Italian Diploma of Classic Dance, Modern Dance and National Diploma of Pilates 1° – 2° - 3° level, Hatha Yoga.

Teacher and Choreographer of modern jazz, lyric jazz, televised jazz and musical. Art-Director, Musician, author of lyrics and musics.

Also teaches pilates and Hatha Yoga, works as a personal trainer.


MARIA CARBOGNIN stage name MARY DE ROSE starts her artistic life by appearing in variety shows with Enrico Beruschi (a famous Italian comedian). In the meantime she continues her ballet studies with the teacher Arnaldo Angelini (S. Carlo theatre of Napoli) and Jaques Beltrame (art director –Montecarlo’s Opera).


She improves her ballet skills with Bryan Poer (lead dancer in Carla Fracci’s Ballet company) and with Flora Cushman  (co-director of “Mudra” of M. Bejart in Bruxelles ) for modern and contemporary dance.

In the meantime she begins to study Solfège music theory with Luigi Sella and she plays the piano with Paolo Birro in order to expand her music knowledge.


Maria meets Matt Mattox, master of jazz art, and for many years she will work with him to improve her technique.


She moves to Milan to teach jazz dance and begins her choreography-production and art direction experience.  She choreographs the theatre show “ IL MONDO ALLA ROVESCIA” (the world upside-down) for Roberto D’Alessandro’s youth theatre, with a focus on mimicry and improvisation.  She also writes the script, creates the choreography and directs the jazz and ballet show “ DUAL FORCE & THE MOVING FIVE”. She meets Brian and Garrison, starting a long and interesting collaboration.


She works for the “ Margherita Theatre” in Genova and creates a new choreography “KILLER JOE” by M. Transfer for the “ Beato Angelico award”.


Maria meets the jazz-trumpeter Enrico Rava.  In collaboration with the saxophonist Gigi Sella, they release a video with Rava’s original music and other musical pieces directed by Walter Borsani (Italian TV director-channel 5). During this year she moves to New York (USA) and studies in some of the most prestigious dance schools.  She works again with Brian and Garrison.


She is winner of the “ PONTE D’ORO” award (National TV-RAI 2 Roma) for the choreography “AMERIKA”, with music by David Liebman entitled “ The Chicken” played by Jaco Pastorius.


Although up until now music for Maria has only been a hobby, she starts composing and creates two choreographies with her own music: one musical piece entitled “28-29 JUNE, NIGHT" will be presented in Milan during March 1993, and the other one entitled “LOOKING IN MY SOUL” is part of the CD  collection“ Could Street” featuring the guitarist Sandro Gibellini and the saxophonist Gigi Sella. This positive experience encourages Maria to compose new and even more original music for her own choreographies. Her jazz and fusion compositions are still played by many musicians.


Maria is engaged by the “ SPID” famous professional school in Milan, to prepare the choreography for the musical “ MY FAIR LADY”, unfortunately never to be staged. In the meantime she is appointed president of  the “ RILEY CULTURAL ASSOCIATION” and manager at the “ GIGI SELLA SCHOOL OF MUSIC” while teaching Solfège music theory and piano in the Vicenza area.


She is teaching jazz dance in Crema near Milan at the “ DINAMICA CORPORALE SCHOOL OF DANCE”; and founds her own company “ EIGHT SIX DANCE COMPANY”. Drawing on her previous experience, Maria creates new choreographies and starts a tour in northern Italy accompanied on stage by musicians.


Maria dedicates these two years to study and improves her techniques in jazz dance and her jazz music knowledge, while teaching dance in Crema.

One of Maria’s pupils, Paola Cadeddu, is engaged by the “ Rancia Company” for the musical “Dancing in the Rain”  with Raffaele Paganini (a leading Italian ballet dancer).  She is also engaged by the “ Danza Viva” company of Rovereto and the “Arts Group” of Trento.


Maria is one of the finalists at the “ COREOGRAFIE D’AUTORE” competition held in Castiglioncello ( LI ) for her choreography based on the “ ROSSIGNANA” of G. Rossini.


She produces the show  “ FLASH BACK” with the music of D. Di Gregorio (a well know musician and collaborator with famous Italian singers and composers such as Paolo Conte, Mina, Jovanotti and Pavarotti, as well as with International singers such as Celine Dion, the Spice Girls, Stevie Wonder and many more...) inspired by choreographies of the sixties and the seventies. She also tours Italy (until the end of 1998) and sings in “ Piano Bar” presenting a mixed repertoire of Italian and international music covering the last 30 years of music production, including two  dance songs, music by Davide & Daniele Di Gregorio  (authors of sound tracks for movies and TV ) and songs written by Maria herself entitled  “ IO FACCIO MUSICA “ and  “ PROPRIETA’ PRIVATA QUESTO AMORE “.


With the song  “IO FACCIO MUSICA” she participates in the  “A VOICE FOR EUROPE” competition presenting the song sung and danced with his 8 year old daughter Naima; placing in the top 4.  Afterwards, with the same song, she will shoot a video clip in Caserta, with the discography producer Giuliano Selva.


Maria moves to London to study the dance-show with Homero. Back in Italy, she meets Bobo Righi and writes the text for his R & B  song entitled “ IL GIORNO DI FESTA”. With this song she participates together with her 9 year old daughter Naima at the  “FESTIVAL DI VIAREGGIO” competition, reaching 4th place. During this year Maria creates the choreography for the  “ DANZA DEI TAMBURI”  from the   “SHRAVANII PURNIMA” opera written by Maurizio Dell’Olio , directed by Lorena Sardi ( TV director – national channel RAI 3 ). This particular choreography is based on contemporary dance. This year is important for Maria. Still working with the producer Giuliano Selva, she participates with the song “PROPRIETA’ PRIVATA QUESTO AMORE” in the third edition of the “ FESTIVAL DELLA CANZONE DIALETTALE” of Ospedaletti near Sanremo, arriving seventh. She is invited with her dance company to the 11th “ FITNESS FESTIVAL” in Rimini by the sponsors of the same ( Impulse and Axe deodorants; Mentadent actigum, Ventaglio travel, Atlanta sport shoes and sportswear ). She is also in Rimini as a member of the jury for the  “NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP” for fitness centers and dance schools (Championship tour 1999 fit and dance ). In October she is invited with her dance company  to represent the “ FREEWAY FACTION COMPANY” at the FREEWAY FITNESS SHOW during the Cremona Fair.


Maria’s Italian dance song “ IO FACCIO MUSICA” is recorded on a CD for Mammas Records.  The CD “BIG DEL DOMANI no.12” produced by Joe Tinti is presented in Montecatini Terme on April 21th and obtains a good review from some of  the most famous music experts, musicians and Vips of the music industry.

With the stage name “MARY DE ROSE” (an idea of the CD producer Joe Tinti ) Maria tours Italy as a support act to Annalisa Minetti ( winner of the famous Sanremo-new voices section in 1998); and goes down well with the concert public. This tour gives Maria the opportunity  to promote her CD on local radios and television. In December she participates as guest at the “FESTIVAL A’MARE”  in Forte Dei Marmi.

B.N.L. ( Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro ) engages her as  art director and choreographer for the “ SERATA IN CASA TELETHON 2000” in Crema, a national telethon event shown on National TV, held yearly in many Italian cities.

Danny and Naima, two of Maria’s young pupils enter professional dance schools: at the Scala theatre school of dance in Milan, and at the classic ballet school run by Liliana Cosi and Marinel Stefanescu in Reggio Emilia. Some of her other pupils such as Daina Pezzotti and Federica Bastici, are engaged for Spots and as dancers for National TV. Silvia Cantoni is engaged as a dancer for the Carcano Company Theatre in Milan.


Still under “ Mammas Records” Maria releases a CD single entitled “ MILLE LUNE”. She tours Southern Italy with Tony Santagata (an Italian Singer ) and promotes her song on local television and radio stations. She also works with Francesco Salvi ( a comedian ) and Alessandro Greco ( National TV anchorman ), and with the agency “ Movie Star” of Maria Grazia Testa.

B.N.L., positively impressed by Maria’s previous job, calls her for the new “SERATA IN CASA TELETHON 2001”.

During 2001 and 2002  her pupils Danny and Naima are also on tour with the ballet company of the Scala Theatre, and with Marinel Stefanescu’s company in the show “Ground Zero”.


Maria decides to take a break and follows new and more advanced training in body dynamics, also teaching the same at the dance school in Crema and Lodi and participating at the “ DANCE MEETING” in Fano presenting her works.

Maria never stops studying to perfect her choreography and music skills.  She trains with many of the most important theatre and TV choreographers, as well as TV and musical directors and producers to continue her study of music and composing, although music remains a hobby.


Maria collaborates with the Padova School of music for the coming true Musical, as Stage-Director, Choreographer and Art-Director.

During September, the Friuli Venezia Giulia region signs Maria up for a course to teach behavior, posture and pose.

In addition, Maria teaches modern-jazz at the “ Fitness Reattivo center” in Muzzana Del Turgnano, Udine, Italy.


She produces for the “ Caravan Cultural and Theatre Arts Association”  a musical called “ LIKE a DREAM”, based on Walt Disney cartoon melodies.  In addition to working as stage-director, choreographer and art-director, she also writes new melodies for the show. Also in this year Maria realizes her life-long dream by opening the new “ A.D.C. Carbognin Dance Academy”.

This is a lucky  year for Maria, her music flies in Japan. On 20th November,  her single “CHILD – SHARE YOUR HEART WITH A CHILD” is aired on Japanese National Radio. The single, written with  Roberto Righi and Malcolm Lilley ( singer with Sting, Duran Duran ) donates all proceeds to the Red Cross in Japan to support the victims of the terrorist attack in Ossezia.. Child is included in the CD “ Chance meeting” by Bobo’s Ranch.


Mary is art-director and teacher at the A.D.C. Dance Academy.


Mary opens the ‘Art in Motion’ Academy in Rivignano, Udine, of which she is the Artistic Director, and the school looks set to become one of the most famous dance schools in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The opening of the school in September starred the lyrical singer Katia Ricciarelli.  The Academy provides dance, theatre, music and fitness classes, as well as martial arts and oriental art disciplines.  She continues to organize events, productions, seminars and training for the ADC and for this Academy.  In November of 2007 she takes her students  to dance on stage with Ivana Spagna.


Mary is hired by the famous American gospel singer Bob Singleton to prepare some choreography for the FVG Gospel Festival in Fagagna.  Since 2008 she has been working as a dance and choreography teacher at the Funny Centre in Feletto Umberto, Udine, where in addition to her teaching she is responsible for the dance school ‘Azzurra Danze’.  She is athletic and personal trainer for professional and non-professional dancers within the dance school and continues to provide training both within the Funny Centre and throughout Italy. For some years she has been studying and perfecting her Pilates techniques with Giuseppe Orizzonte, at the same time as deepening her knowledge of the human anatomy and facial massage. She is also a technical judge of classical dance, modern dance and choreography for the ‘Federazione Italiana Danza Sportiva’ (FIDS).


Mary gets involved in a new project in Feletto Umberto, for the province of Udine called the ‘Accademia Superiore per le Arti dello Spettacolo.’ (A.S.A.S).   The press conference for the launch of the academy stars the classical dancer etoilé Liliana Cosi.


During July, Mary manages the casting for ‘Area 98’, a well known international eyewear company.  In August, she directs and choreographs the recording of an advert starring  the model Giulia Nicole Magro 2° for Miss Italia 2010.

She creates three new choreographies which will become part of her repertoire, all three using lyric jazz and swing:  A solo entitled ‘The sensual chair’ based on the song ‘Make me’ by Janet Jackson; a pas de deux entitled ‘Because mother knows best’ which narrates the relationship between a mother and daughter using the song by Otis Redding ‘I’ve been loving you too long’ sung by Seal, and a pas de trios danced to the tune of Soulville by the great Horace Silver and sung by D.D. Bridgewater entitled ‘Glove’s Swing.’


Mary is guest at the 2011 ‘Danza in Fiera’ International Trade Show dance event.  Her ex-student Denny Lodi wins Amici (on Canale 5 presented by Maria De Filippi) for the dance sector and wins a one year contract to work for the American dance company ‘Complexions’ run by Desmond Richardson. She collaborates as choreographer for the Flash Mob for the promotion of the Dacia Duster car in Italian town squares. November: she get invited at “MILANO DANCE EXPO” to perform some PILATES lessons.


She follow a stage about the “Cunnigham technique” with Cheryl Therrien. In March, the Expos of Udine invite her to perform PILATES lessons during the FSB SHOW (Fitness, Sport, Wellness Expo). In the mean time she is constantly improving her PILATES knowledge’s by following teachers as: Angelica Stella, Monica, Monica Sfalanga (Matwork Pilates), Kyria Sabin (Fletcher Pilates), Cinzia Galletto, Maximilian Stohr, Marco Batti (Gyrotonic Expansion System), Jolita Trahan (Pilates Int.Network), Cinzia Cieri and Elena Fioravanti. She get interested to the method “Body Code” by following conferences and by studying with Pino Carbone and his team.

From September 2012 Maria is working in “Dance Academy” of Denny Lodi in Crema close to Milan.

In December 2012 the Aletti publishing house published the collection of poem titled: "the morning will come and it will sound like you" with the poetry "I don't want to die". Within the "Agenda 2013 of Oscar Wilde" ("PAGINE" publishing house) there is the poetry "slide in white and black".


April 2015. Launch of the new Dance and Pilates Studios (Crema Italy): Centro Superiore Arti dello Spettacolo & Centro Italiano Pilates. As additional part of the courses, Maria offer to all her students classes with external special Guest like ANNA Brian and famous dancers from classic ballet such as cosi stefanescu. The theatre classes, reciting, singing are hold by Lorena Crepaldi.

From March 2015 Mary is special guest in the “AeroPilates” TV program broadcast live on QVC ITALIA channel 32


The school’s dancers are invited to perform during the fundraising football match event involving only celebrities (“Partita del Cuore Cantanti”). Maria is also involved in the event “Crema Città Europea dello Sport” where she organized several very successful performs related to dance and pilates.


She is on the TV show “CASAMIKA” (Channel Rai2) together with other top dancers from “Teatro alla Scala di Milano”

It is available on all the bookstores and online http://amzn.eu/8SOPT1y her first book “PILATES CHE PASSIONE”, a complete and exhaustive pilates training program (Gremese International Editore , available also in French). The workshop and the book presentation events are followed by numerous people. The book resulted to be a useful guideline for PE’s teachers/instructors as well.

Together with Patrini Loris, Maria develop “Star bene SEMPRE si può”, day events focused on the wellness and wellbeing.

“Centro Superiore Arti dello Spettacolo” moves to the new location “LE CLASS” in Offanengo. The new center features 1000 square meters of space for every type of dance discipline and pilates.

AS ACTRESS: Maria takes part to different movies and TV commercials: Euromillion for UK, Tenderly, Poste Italiane, Kijiji, Italo, BY Fama, Chateau d’Ax divani and poltrone, Champions League SERIE a 2016/2017 TIM; TOD’S Calzature, ANIA Assicurazioni, and Vecchio a Chi for Victoria and Corriere della Sera.


From 2019 Maria is back in Crema. She opens a new Pilates studio  “Qualità della Vita alle 4 Vie” right in Crema's historical city center.


Since September 2020 she has collaborated with Magica Musica, a well-known orchestra of people with significant disabilities, directed by Piero Lombardi and winner of “Tu Si Que Vales” on Canale 5 to 2018.
Since August 2020 she has also been a Testimonial on QVC also for CUBII, the new American reality for keeping the joints of the hips, knees and ankles agile.


Team Building for the Jointly, Milan.


She Continues to follow workshops dedicated to Pilates and Yoga, to update yourself on new techniques and the Dynamic Pilates that she loves so much.


Maria is admitted to the Nicolini Conservatory of Music in Piacenza with a specialization in jazz piano.

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